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Pre Made Fans or Handmade Fans ?
January 3, 2021 engaidsoft

Pre Made Fans or Handmade Fans ?

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Pre Made Fans or Handmade Fans – which is best ?

For Lash techs this is a very hard question to answer and every professional in the industry will have a different opinion.

For us, there are Pros and Cons to each, lets start with Pre Made fans.

Pre Made Fans 


  • Super easy to use you simply pick up the fan and place it on the natural lash.
  • Fast application, because you don’t have to mess around with getting a wide fan with a thin base, you save so much time.
  • Perfect for lash techs that have started and would like to create hybrid or volume sets but are struggling with making their own fans.
  • Our Pre Made fans are Heat Bonded, meaning they are lightweight and won’t be too heavy on your clients lashes.
  • Pre Made fans come in different sizes such as 3D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 10D, 12D and 20D. We currently stock 3D, 5D & 10D, the most popular sizes !


  • Some Pre Made fans are bad quality and when picked up from the lash strip can fall apart.
  • If fans are glue bonded then they will be heavy on the clients lashes and can cause damage to the natural lashes.
  • Sometimes the base of Pre Made fans are very thick which can stick to other lashes and will lead to bad isolation.
  • Each lash tray lasts around 1-3 clients depending on what lengths you use and how many natural lashes your client has, so using Pre Mades can sometimes cost you more than making your own fans.

Handmade Fans 


  • Handmade fans can be made out of either Easy Fanning Lashes or Self Fanning Lashes, so if you are still struggling with creating your own fans but want to step up your game and learn to make them yourself then Easy Fanning Lashes are the ones for you !
  • Allow you to create versatile sets that are unique to each client. When making your own fans you can choose how wide the fan is. Remember girls, the wider the fan the fluffier the set !
  • Lashes that are used to make handmade fans tend to be curlier and the curl tends to last longer as the client has the lashes on their eyes.
  • Each lash tray for handmade fans will last between 5-10 clients.


  • Making your own volume fans is not for the faint hearted, this is a very delicate job and requires a lot of skill. It takes lash techs years to master the technique. so if you are someone who is feeling fed up because your fans don’t look perfect then remember that you will get there in time girl ! Practice makes perfect !
  • Each set will take longer as you have to pinch lashes together to create the fan. Sets with handmade fans can take around 1.5-3 hours.

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