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Synthetic, Silk or Mink Eyelash Extensions -which is best ?
January 30, 2021 kasia

Synthetic, Silk or Mink Eyelash Extensions -which is best ?

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We often get asked what is the difference between the different types of lashes out there.Often beginner lash techs feel overwhelmed with the variety of lashes and don’t know which to choose to offer their clients. So we will explain a bit out about the different types of eyelash extensions.

At BlinKbyKasia we currently only stock Synthetic eyelash extensions so we will talk about them first.

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

These lashes are made from a polished acrylic meaning they are the firmest of all lash types. As they are quite firm, they don’t lose their curl as other eyelashes would. They often tend to b glossy and look thicker than silk and mink lashes.

Due to the acrylic material they are made out of, synthetic eyelash extensions are not as soft or natural looking as silk and mink lashes. They come in a variety of diameters such as 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20. we recommend 0.20 as they look glamorous on the clients eyes. Synthetic lashes are recommended for clients with thick eyelashes. Prolonged wear of 0.20 synthetic lashes can be too heavy on lashes in the long term. Which is why we recommend taking breaks every few months when wearing eyelash extensions, as this will restore your natural eyelashes health.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

These eyelash extensions are flexible and lighter than synthetic lashes. Due to the softer material they look more natural so would be perfect for clients who are older.

If you have clients that are middle aged, they may have weaker lashes, so silk eyelashes would be the best type to offer as they wouldn’t be too heavy.

However as the material is thicker the eyelash extensions tend to lose their curl. For some clients this isn’t ideal as they don’t want their amazing D curl classics to look like a C curl in two weeks time.

Silk lashes also come in a variety of

different diameters.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

These are not real mink hairs ! It is unethical to use real animal hairs as eyelash extensions so for that reason many eyelash suppliers do not stock real mink fur. But they sell faux mink lashes which are man made and resemble the look and feel of real mink lashes.

Faux mink lashes are soft and silky and feel like real lashes. They look glossy and don’t lose their curl. They are very soft and can be used on clients who have very fine natural eyelashes. However they won’t look vey glamorous as the synthetic lashes.

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